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Wenzhou city manufacturing quality development conference held
Time:2020-06-05  Traffic:

In-depth implementation of the "two-wheel drive for manufacturing development" strategy, writing a chapter in the construction of a global advanced manufacturing base in Wenzhou

In response to changes in the external environment and the impact of hedging epidemics, the more difficult times, the more we must take extraordinary measures and do our best to help companies better overcome difficulties, survive, and promote development; the more we must strive to turn crises into opportunities, and fully tap and utilize Good development opportunities brought by the epidemic situation; the more we must anchor high-quality development, vigorously implement the "manufacturing industry development two-wheel drive" strategy, and firmly lay a solid foundation for advanced industrialization and modernization of the industrial chain.

The city's manufacturing quality development conference was held on May 12. Chen Weijun, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, emphasized at the meeting that the strategy of manufacturing power should be fully implemented, and the strategy of "two-wheel drive for manufacturing development" should be vigorously implemented to encourage development, pragmatic development, break through development difficulties, create new development, and establish Wenzhou. The economically stable iron pillar steel beams compose the Wenzhou chapter of Zhejiang's construction of a global advanced manufacturing base.

After in-depth investigation, our city has formulated two major action plans for restructuring and cultivating and developing traditional manufacturing industries, five strategic emerging industries, and clarified the strategic tasks and measures of "two-wheel drive for manufacturing development".

At the meeting, a group of advanced manufacturing enterprises such as the World Top 500, demonstration of individual champions, specialization of new "little giants", "Eagle Action" cultivation, and stealth champions were commended. Participants watched the feature film "Reshaping Manufacturing · Cultivating New Kinetic Energy", and Yueqing, Pingyang, Ruipu Energy and Ruili Group made speeches.

Chen Weijun pointed out that since the reform and opening up, Wenzhou started from the family industry and vigorously developed the manufacturing industry, creating a "Wenzhou model" that attracted worldwide attention. However, there are still many shortcomings in terms of high quality and benchmarking of "global advanced". The in-depth implementation of the "two-wheel drive for manufacturing development" strategy is an urgent need to respond to changes in the external environment and hedge the epidemic situation, an inevitable requirement to fill the industry's shortcomings and give full play to the comparative advantage, and is an important support to strengthen the city's strength and win regional competition. . We must place the implementation of the "two-wheel drive for manufacturing development" strategy in a more prominent position, seize the opportunity, make up for each other's weaknesses, and accelerate the development of high-quality manufacturing.

Chen Weijun emphasized that to implement the "two-wheel drive for manufacturing development" strategy, the core must insist on optimizing stocks and expanding incremental advances, transforming old kinetic energy and cultivating new kinetic energy, developing advanced manufacturing and expanding production-oriented service industries, and focusing on it. Advanced industrial foundation and modernization of the industrial chain, accelerate the upgrading of high-end manufacturing, large-scale cultivation, chain development, agglomeration layout, intelligent transformation, brand operation pace, promote the transformation of traditional manufacturing in Wenzhou to intelligent manufacturing, manufacturing market Change to a strong manufacturing city, and strive to write a Wenzhou chapter of the construction of a global advanced manufacturing base.

Chen Weijun emphasized that we must stand on a higher "coordinate system" and make every effort to build a new high-quality development pattern of manufacturing, that is, actively explore new paths for high-quality development of manufacturing industries with Wenzhou characteristics, accelerate the formation of new advantages of Wenzhou manufacturing industry cluster, and continue to Promote Wenzhou's global value chain's new rise, and strive to provide a new sample of Wenzhou's manufacturing powerhouse construction. The key point is to strengthen the expansion of domestic and foreign markets, grasp the changes in the global situation according to the time and the situation, stabilize the basic market of foreign trade, give full play to the comprehensive effect of major open platforms, and strengthen the research and response to market security issues. It is necessary to intensify the intelligent transformation of traditional manufacturing industries, continue to inject new technologies and new models, build an industrial interconnection platform, strengthen supporting services, and accelerate the pace of intelligent transformation. It is necessary to increase the cultivation and development of emerging industries, take the digital economy as the guide, pay close attention to the layout of industries in key areas, promote the construction of new infrastructure, and expand the application scenarios of new technologies. It is necessary to intensify the construction of manufacturing projects, work hard to attract, promote, and guarantee, and do everything possible to expand effective industrial investment and enhance the stamina of development. It is necessary to increase scientific and technological innovation, take the construction of the national independent innovation demonstration zone as the guide, and support the construction of the Huanda Luoshan Science and Innovation Corridor, highlight the main body of the enterprise, platform empowerment, talent introduction, and build an industrial chain, innovation chain, and capital chain. , Science and innovation system supported by the integration of policy chains. We must increase the strength of platform integration and upgrade, focus on building high-energy level strategic platforms, high-quality backbone platforms, and featured basic platforms, focusing on integration and upgrading, accelerating the construction of a new industrial platform of "tens of thousands of mu billion", and promoting the quality and efficiency of small and micro enterprise parks. . It is necessary to strengthen the cultivation of market players, "grasping the big, supporting the small, and educating the new" as a whole, and vigorously implement "the listing of hundreds of enterprises, the regulation of thousands of enterprises, and the cloud of thousands of enterprises" to build large enterprises, small enterprises, and individuals. The company has a lush tropical forest ecosystem.

Chen Weijun pointed out that the vast number of entrepreneurs in Wenzhou have always been outstanding representatives of the spirit of Wenzhou people who "be dare to be first and can be particularly entrepreneurial and innovative". It is hoped that the majority of enterprises and entrepreneurs will adhere to the determination of "Phoenix Nirvana", strengthen the consciousness of "Junniao flying first", go against the trend, work tirelessly, change with time, be brave in the first place, reform and innovate, boldly explore the path, do both justice and benefit, Practicing for life, demonstrating the "big ambition" of becoming bigger, stronger, and longer. Party and government organizations at all levels must effectively assume the political responsibility to lead the high-quality development of manufacturing industries, and various industry associations should play a bridge role, deepen the "three services", create an optimal environment, and form a powerful "two-wheel drive for manufacturing development". Heli.

Gao Yao emphasized that we must adhere to the goal-oriented, problem-oriented and result-oriented attitudes, take the attitude of striving for excellence, and work hard to implement the strategy of "two-wheel drive for manufacturing development" with project projects, project lists and accountability, and cultivate in enterprises. , Project recruitment, industrial platform construction, digital economy development, technological innovation and other aspects, complement each other, make accurate breakthroughs, set off a new upsurge of "three strong and two promotion", strive to win "half-year red", and submit the annual economic high score report . (Reporter Yang Shipeng)